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Broken Tail Lamp_Apr 2020

Need to replace your tail lamp?

We stock a wide range of tail lamps here at Auckland Japanese Car Parts Centre Limited.

Below is information that you can provide which can help us identify the correct tail lamp.

Make model of car for example your car might be a Nissan Tiida.

Car registrationwe can use the car registration details to identify the correct year of your vehicle.

What colour lens?Sometimes there can be multiple options for the same vehicle. Providing a description of the lens colour can help us find a matching tail lamp. This could be red with two chrome stripes like in the example to right, or consist of red and orange, etc.

What lens number? Providing the lens number will also help us to identify the correct tail lamp. Refer to the picture to the right to help locate your lens number.


Fill in your details below or email sheree@ajcpc.co.nz and we will see if we have a replacement tail lamp in stock. If you are unsure you can always email us a photo.

Broken Tail Lamp_Apr 2020_v3